SEO plays a big part in the success of your businesses online presence. Through different methods of optimisation and our digital marketing skills, your website can come out on top of search engines leaving your competitors behind.

People always joke that the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google. Rarely anyone visits the second page of Google hence why it’s the best place to hide a body as nobody would see it. Usually if websites are coming up in this area, there’s usually a reason for it and usually it’s not good.  The reason for why most people would ever go to the second page or even further is usually because they are looking for a specific bit of information that may be scarce on the internet.

The initial thought of a customer is that websites that aren’t on the first page are no good for them, that they are in the wasteland of the internet which nobody wants to visit. However, this is not always the case. There could be websites such as yours that’s posting good, regular content that is all user friendly and what your audience wants to see, but just can’t see it, simply because of the lack of SEO within the site. SEO or search engine optimisation may sound scary, but it really isn’t. Even small tweaks to your website can help you improve your way up the search engine page, helping you get to that top spot.

There a few basic tests that you can do to see if your website is search engine optimised in any way. The first thing to do is to see where you come up in the search results. Type in keywords related to your website not too specific but not too vague to see where you sit. If you cannot find your website on at least the first 5 pages then your website is in definitely in need of some SEO. If you’re still struggling to find your website try adding the location of your business or more specific key words like shown below.

puddle SEO

The next test to do is to write down at least 5 specific keywords that you want to be visible for in the search engine. After doing so, you then want to find out how many times these keywords have been implemented into your website. Are the keywords in articles on your website, are they in the description of listings, are they in the alt tags, even in the title, header and url of the page. All of these areas are key places that you can put in your keywords to help the starting of your search engine optimised website.

SEO is all about getting the visibility you need and the recognition you deserve. If you feel like you’re struggling to maintain your SEO, or don’t understand how to properly optimise your website, give your friendly Digital marketing agency Puddle a call and we can give you help and advice that you require.

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