First off you’re probably wondering why the image for this article is biscuits and a cookie cutter. Well the biscuit resembles the business and the cookie cutter resembles the website templates. When a website design agency provides a website, they use a template which in a way is the same purpose of a cookie cutter, to repeat the same design, each time, for each business. None of them are unique from the other and are usually quite bland to look at, quite like a plain biscuit.

However, a website design agency like us, we provide a bespoke, responsive website design, crafted specifically for your business.

Many people think that having any form of website is better than no website. At one time this was probably the case, but those times have passed and things have changed.

Many businesses that have just started up feel like they need to get their presence online, no matter what their website looks like, they need to show they are online. Usually in this case they will pay a company to set up a website with a very simple template design and charge £150+ a year depending on features that the website has. These website usually look very tacky and cheap and can result in customers shying away from using that business. They use outdated designs, poor images and very basic features and damage the businesses reputation simply from the lack of professionalism.

There are many digital marketing companies that provide this package to those who are not fully aware about the quality of a website. They take advantage of small private owned dealerships which want an online presence and in return give them a poorly constructed website with a bog standard template that has no sort of SEO, not optimised for different devices, no sign of a responsive website design or any sort of maintenance keeping their site fresh and up to date.

We specialise in website digital marketing and we know what your audience loves in a website. We can provide our skills and knowledge helping you thrive in your market sector, supplying what your audience loves.

Many businesses need marketing but unfortunately, suffer online from not having a properly designed website. They lack in areas which we specialise in. With our expertise and your cooperation you can have a quality responsive website with integrated SEO, optimisation for each device and up to date social media coverage to go alongside your website. Say goodbye to bog standard templates and hello to a professional, responsive  website design for you to be proud of!

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