So, why should you be advertising your business on Facebook? Well if your new to Facebook then you’re in for a treat. Facebook is a place that can open you up to many opportunities and can help you get your business noticed.

So to begin with, by now, you’ve probably realised that you need to get more customers coming to your business and want to start off simple to begin with. Facebook is a great place to start with a huge audience for you to apply to with a whopping 1.44billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2015. Out of the 1.44billion I’m sure there are potential customers out there for you. Obviously Facebook is a global organisation so you will be applying to a much smaller percentage of that figure depending on your business.

Now, everyone thinks that the only way to get yourself out there is to throw loads of money into advertising and let that be the main source of awareness for your business. Well they are wrong. There are many ways for advertisements such as news papers, magazines, radio, TV etc, but now there is a much cheaper, efficient and alternative way of getting yourself out there, and that is through Facebook.

Facebook has become one of the fastest growing organisations for advertisement. Why you ask? Well it’s not just because of the wide audience it holds, but because of how cost effective it is. Facebook ads cost a fraction to what the typical adverts cost. Lets say for this example you wanted to reach 1000 potential customers or CPI (Cost Per 1000 Impressions) for short. Here is the cost to reach the CPI for the different methods.

CPI – Newspaper – £20.39
CPI – Magazine – £12.74
CPI – Radio – £5.10
CPI – TV – £4.46
CPI – Facebook Ads – £0.16

After looking at the prices you can quite clearly see that for 1000 impressions to your potential customers Facebook ads are the most cost effective. Radio and TV are around the same costs but they can still become costly if you wanted to reach 20,000 impressions. For the price of getting into the newspaper, you could have 128,000 impressions on Facebook as appose to the 1000 impressions in the Newspaper. Now this is the key reason to why its one of the fastest growing methods of advertising.

What your ads would look like…


Now when most of us are on Facebook scrolling through our entertainment filled newsfeed, we generally don’t take much notice of the adverts and can generally become annoying, but the reason for why you should use Facebook ads is because you are increasing that coverage of your business, letting people know who you are, despite if they like your ad or not. Your potential customers will know who you are and hopefully out of the 1000 impressions, some will have more interest than others, investigate further and click on the ad thus taking them to your Facebook page and or website.

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