One of the best reasons for social media is that its a great way to appeal to your audience and learn from them. The main key to success for your business is knowing exactly what your audience likes to see and social media helps you accomplish this. Twitter has a built in analytics feature that allows you to look at your exact audience that your applying to. Here you can see the main interest of your following and what the percent of each gender your audience is. From data like this you can specifically change your digital marketing to your audience.

Puddle Twitter insights

Another reason to getting onto social media is it not only helps you target your specific business audience, it helps you find new customers and expand your audience further than you thought. You can do this easily through hash tagging or keyword searches. Nearly every social media platform has integrated this into their system, enabling users to have a # followed by a word which would then hyperlink that word or phrase into a category that users can specifically search for. We searched for specific keywords which were “Business Marketing Leeds”. This then brought up a list of tweets that contained the Business Marketing Leeds keywords. It not only includes the keywords, but it also includes the keywords with hashtags.

Leeds digital marketing search

Social media is also a great method for looking at what your competitors are doing. It is so good in fact that you can almost spy on your competitors, allowing you to see what they are doing at their business, who they are talking to, how do they engage with their audience etc. From watching what they do, you can then implement their methods into your own digital marketing methods and see if they are effective for you to use.

If people can’t see you on a search engine, what’s the point of a website? This is where social media can play a big part in your digital website SEO. Getting on even 2 social media platforms can have huge impacts on where you are on a search engine page. Because social media is such an easy method of sharing content, sharing links to your website can spread like wildfire. As these are shared on social media, you are creating more backlinks to your website and Google LOVE backlinks, sending you further up the page to that number 1 spot. Social media can definitely help your digital marketing simply by having social media accounts and providing content for your audience to share which all contributes to your SEO.

Keighley Digital marketing search

There are many other reasons for getting onto social media for your business but if we went through them all we would be here forever!

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