You may have heard of email marketing but might not be fully sure exactly what it is. Many businesses use it, but does it actually work? We will tell you the reasons why you shouldn’t have to think twice about considering email marketing for your business.

Market Penetration – Currently there are 3.2 billion email accounts to date, you can probably remove a few million from that number to account for fake spam accounts, however that some 3 billion email accounts is quite the number to draw you in. With 95% of online consumers using email and 91% checking them daily, whats not to love? With social media you may hear people saying that they will be getting rid of it because they are sick of what they are seeing, whereas you never hear people saying they will quit email do you? It’s become an necessity for online life. The huge market gives you a great opportunity to infiltrate the market through email marketing.

Audience Reach – Now when it comes to reach you are able to get a true value of how many people will see your content. When people subscribe to receive your emails you will be able to 100% get your content to them, what they do with it is up to them. However on Facebook lets say if you only have 1,000 likes, not all 1,000 people will see your content, only a fraction will actually see it. This is down to Facebook’s algorithms level of importance and if you spend money on ads etc taken into account. So if you have 1,000 people subscribed to your emails and 1,000 likes on Facebook, chances are more people are going to see your content through email marketing.

Life span – Compared to social media an email has an unlimited life span. Let’s say your followers on Twitter follow an average of 1,000 – 2,000 people. Within 5 to 10 minutes that tweet that you put out has been lost in the Twitter void. The content is still on your profile but without them going on your profile they won’t actually see it. Now with email marketing, yeah people’s emails could be spammed and you could be lost amongst it, but the user will always have a notification telling them they have an unread email. This means to get rid of it, they will have to at some point click on the email and view it to delete it. This gives you a better chance of sending over your content to your audience instead of through social media.

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Analytics – If you use social media for your business you will be familiar with using tracking tools or analytic software to see exactly how well your social media is doing. A great analytic tool if your not using it already is Twitter analytics. This gives you an insight into your social media profiles performance in terms of impressions, new followers, best performing posts etc. Email marketing is similar but can give you the in depth review of your email. These cover click rate, open rate, unsubscribes, sent to spam folder, bounce rate, link click rate etc. Tracking these analytics allows you to see how well exactly your email marketing is performing.

Engagement – You may think that engagement and emails don’t usually go together too well. However it’s what you put on your email marketing that results in engagement. One of the first things to stay clear of is not to have a ‘noreply’ Address. If you don’t want people clogging up your emails with replies or inquiries create a separate email just for email inquests. Your sending them emails so why are you stopping them from sending them to you? When you engage in an email conversation from your email marketing it becomes a more personal way of communicating. Because someone has personally signed up to your emails and as a result is replying to your content, it’s insisting that they are interested in your work and could want looking further into your business.

Promotion – Compared to social media, emails are perceived differently when it comes to promotion. It come’s down to your marketing plan and what sort of content you’re putting out. Many people see email as the platform that they receive promotions on, and social media as a place to interact with friends and family.  However if executed properly, social media is still a great promotional platform to use which is why we also provide an in depth social media marketing plan for your business. This way you could focus your promotion via email marketing and social media for creating a better B2C or B2B relationship.


Personalisation – You may think that sending the same message to thousands of people would mean there is not much room for personalisation. However with email marketing you can separate users into different groups giving you the chance to slightly personalise your email for different marketing groups. Such as gender specific, age specific, interests specific, industry specific and so on. Each section could have the same sort of layout but maybe an added section specifically for that group of people.

Getting known in the online world whatever the medium is, and if it’s done correctly it can pay off. We can help you reach the goals you want through different marketing strategies and marketing campaigns with also different areas such as SEO implementation and social media campaigns.

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