Interaction on social media is what brings the success to your profile. Without interaction, you don’t have engagement. Without engagement, you can’t see your performance and without performance, you can’t measure your success.

So, you want to increase your interaction on your social media platforms. Great! There are many ways you can do this with ample of examples online. However, we think that the 4 C’s can work well for anyone. The first of the 4 C’s starts with…


There are several different ways that you can give your audience the opportunity to interact with your business. The first is giving them their 5 minutes of fame or audience spotlight. People love being in the spotlight with all eyes on them, and it can be as simple as using a user submitted photo. Similar to what we run on our client Timothy Taylor’s Instagram page, we post user submitted photos to give something back to their audience. Huge fans of Timothy Taylor’s love that they have the opportunity to feature on their favourite ale company’s social which encourages more and more user submitted content.

Next comes…


Another way to include fans in your content is through competitions. Competitions are really easy to create engagement and push out your brand. Giving away a piece of merchandise can create more engagement and coverage than paying for actual advertising. Simple ways of entering a competition such as, liking a post, commenting or sharing can create easy engagement and reach for your content. Everyone loves to win freebies online and if all they have to do is like, share or comment, then what’s not to lose.

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An alternative way to help your audience be more involved with your business is getting them to be more creative. Depending on what product or service you provide this could prove to be quite tricky. However, depending on how engaging your customers are you could almost help them toward creating your brand for you. One example – you are releasing a new design for a product. Ran out of ideas on the drawing board? Why not ask your customers for ideas. Get them to submit content, designs, ideas for the chance to be involved in your businesses creation. Giving the opportunity for your audience to be this involved with a business they love would be something many people would be interested in.

And finally…


The final way of getting your audience included with your business is to gain their ideas and opinions on your business. Simply running polls or asking questions can create more engagement than you think. If you give your audience a choice to pick something that they like about your business, either a product they like or even a service you provide, not only are you conducting market research but you are also creating more engagement with your audience. Getting your audience’s opinion can help you to discover what works best at your business and what other areas you can improve on.

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Well, there you have it. The 4 C’s that we think are great ways to improve interaction with your audience. If you don’t believe us, try them for yourself. You will be surprised what a little poll or competition can do! If you would like to find out more tips and tricks for your business check out our Facebook or Twitter!.

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