Twitter To Add Value Ratings To Your Tweets

Twitter is going to start judging your tweets and adding value ratings to them. Speaking in a post on Twitter’s developer blog, the micro-blogging site will be adding new fields to Tweet structures returned by the API. According to Twitter, the changes are to help developers work with targeted subsets of Tweet collections. It is […]

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Times Not To Tweet: Competing In A NASCAR Race

People love celebrities and sports stars to tweet on a regular basis, but NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski takes this a step further by tweeting during a live race. This is not the first time Keselowski has tweeted from his car. Nine months after he was tweeting from his car during an extended delay at the […]

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Evian Makes Tweeting More Musical

Water giant Evian have released an app that makes tweeting more musical. Evian’s Melotweet app shows your incoming Twitter stream as little droplets, which can be seen falling from the top of your screen. While the droplets fall, ambient music is played. You may think this sounds like Twitter with music but the app is […]

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