Wii U Launches in UK

Nintendo’s Wii U has finally launched in the UK and the other Europe countries. The Wii U was released in the United States about 2 weeks ago, with the console still proving to be quite popular despite some developers feeling puzzled with the system. Wii U sees the addition of a Gaming Pad, which we […]

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Skrillex Pays Homage To 8-Bit In His Own Video Game

Music artist and DJ Skrillex has released his first venture into the gaming world with “Skrillex Quest” Skrillex teamed up with developer Jason Oda, who has a history of making browser-based games, to create a cool tribute to 8-bit classic games but with a dubstep and dance tunes soundtrack. Skrillex Quest takes place inside an […]

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Nintendo Wii U Madness In US

The Nintendo Wii has been in US retailers for a few days now and from the launch video, everyone seemed pretty thrilled about it. We still have to wait for the 30th November to try it for ourselves, unless you are near one of the lucky GAME stores that the Wii U is currently traveling […]

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