Microsoft Office Suite 2013

Microsoft has launched a new version of Office software suite. The company have re-designed Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook to work better with touch-screen-controlled computers. Office will even incorporate a Skype video chat function, with the power to add more features via a new app store. However, reports suggest users are switching to the Windows […]

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Happy 8th Birthday To The Third Most Popular Browser

Eight years ago today (9th November 2004), the Mozilla foundation launched the first ever version of Firefox. The anniversary of Firefox is actually very confusing as Mozilla’s first browser was released 10 years ago. However, the browser that would eventually be known as Firefox, was originally called Phoenix. Pheonix was actually launched as a beta […]

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Evil Awakens Above London To Celebrate Halo 4

To celebrate the much anticipated next installment in the ‘Halo’ series, Microsoft awoke ‘Evil’ in the nations capital. A symbol, which fans will recognise from the various trailers, was seen floating over the River Thames in London. Halo 4 is one of the most anticipated games of this year (there has been quite a few), […]

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Bing gets scary for All Hallow’s Eve

Usually it’s Bing’s search rival Google who we are praising for there fantastic themed artwork on there homepage. However, this Halloween, Bing really outdid themselves on the creepy factor with this frightful image of an abandoned house. But is it really so abandoned? Tell us what you see on either our Twitter or Facebook Page.

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Microsoft Takes Over Times Square to Celebrate Windows 8

Microsoft have celebrated the release of Windows 8 in style. The technology giant took over most of the billboards in New York City’s Times Square to promote the worldwide release of their new Windows operating system. From today, businesses and consumers can download Windows 8, which features a new user interface, a wide range of […]

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Microsoft’s Xbox Live No Longer Very Social

In its latest update to the Xbox Live service, Microsoft has kicked out the two big social networks, which it once used as a unique selling point a few years ago. In a new direction, Microsoft has replaced Facebook and Twitter with its new Internet Explorer 9 app. The update to the Xbox 360 interface […]

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