Here at Puddle we are involved with a huge range of projects, giving us a diverse cliental that you know. As a business based in Keighley, we have a lot of involvement within the Keighley district making bespoke websites for businesses.

In this case, we were involved with the Keighleybid project. The Keighleybid project is set to help businesses within the Keighley district flourish bringing in more customers from other towns. The project is trying to stop the ‘out of town shopping’ and keep the cashflow within the town.

Keighleybid’s mission is “To shape and position Keighley town centre as thriving and prosperous place, actively meeting the demands of our town and its users whilst listening, communicating and working for and alongside the town centre business community”. Over the course of 5 years you can invest into the scheme but what you get out is much more. There are over 200 BIDs in the UK and Keighley is adding to that number.


Puddle’s involvement with the Keighleybid has been through the creating of the brochure sent out to all businesses within the bid area, the Keighleybid website and a variety of promotional design. We really enjoyed working with Keighleybid and contributing to the projects success and we wish all involved the best for the result on the 12th November!

The Keighleybid is a great opportunity for businesses in and around Keighley and should definitely be considered by the businesses it affects.

If you want to find out more about Keighleybid you can do so here:

The lovely chaps in the photo btw are Mick and Phil from Brontel.

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