You may remember back in November we gave you an update about how Project SEARCH was performing, and let us tell you since then it has gotten bigger and bolder than ever!

After Puddle created the CV Builder, Project SEARCH has continued to grow and grow, taking on even more students every week. With the success of the CV Builder we were asked to create a brand new site from scratch which is still in progress so keep an eye out for further developments in the future.

With Puddle being part of Project SEARCH, Bradford, Steve our MD has been personally invited down to the European Conference in Bath on the 23rd and 24th of June, to meet the Co-Founders, Partners and Leaders which Steve is very much looking forward to. Presenting to the whole conference, Steve will be going through the brand new website we have designed and created to give Project SEARCH their own unique design.

The first day’s itinerary will consist of an introduction and welcome to the Project SEARCH team, the discussion of the certificate challenge and implementing the family involvement program from the partners and leaders. Up next will be from the instructors and coaches talking about Ohio State’s Project SEARCH, which will then be moving onto talking about the business advisory council by the Bradford teaching hospitals. Next will be networking with the various roles at Project SEARCH, the student showcase and finalising off with the awards dinner at the end of the day!

The second day of the event will be more of what goes on at Project SEARCH such as how students can get into the program, teaching and coaching tips to aim for success with classroom innovations, how to work best with employers and students. There are many other seminars that will be going throughout the day which we look forward to seeing.

If you are attending the conference we look forward to seeing you there! Come over for a chat, we would love to hear what you do.

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