We would like to announce the launch of the new Time Accounts website.

We have worked with Brighton based Time Accounts for over a year now and so far we’ve been maintaining their website ensuring it is fully search engine optimised, providing regular updates to the site so that it runs smoothly and efficiently. We have also maintained their social platforms on TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn, Google+. Time accounts decided that they wanted a whole new design for their new website. Not being the typical ‘Accountancy’ and based in Brighton there new site is reflective of the approach they take in business and how they like to stand out from the norm.

Time Accounts is now a fully responsive website allowing all ranges of devices to easily access the website. The use of tablets and phones on the site can be used with ease allowing the users to navigate easily throughout the site. On top of that, the website now has a new sleek design, giving the professional but quirky look that they requested. Their previous site was static so we we’re limited to the amount of SEO work which could be undertaken. Now the new site is built on the very latest version of WordPress we can literally go to town on it.

Puddle and Time Accounts would love you to take a look at their new website which can be found here – www.timeaccounts.co.uk

If you would like a new website designed by Puddle please reach out and give us a call +44(0)1535 636897 or drop us an email – [email protected]

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