In its latest update to the Xbox Live service, Microsoft has kicked out the two big social networks, which it once used as a unique selling point a few years ago.

In a new direction, Microsoft has replaced Facebook and Twitter with its new Internet Explorer 9 app. The update to the Xbox 360 interface removed Facebook and Twitter from the Xbox Marketplace.

The Facebook and Twitter apps have been a part of Xbox Marketplace since the services big update in 2009.

However, Microsoft cannot remove Facebook and Twitter from your hard drive, meaning those of you who downloaded the apps can still use them. But with the removal from the marketplace, no updates for the apps will be available.

Microsoft has assured its users that both networks are available via Internet Explorer 9, an app which Xbox Live users are excited about.

The update has also seen the death of Zune on the Xbox 360, replaced with Xbox Music. The service allows users to stream more than 30 million tracks across its ecosystem of Windows 8 mobile devices, PCs and the Xbox.

What does this mean for Facebook and Twitter? Will the removal hurt them? Please post all thoughts to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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