We’re so looking forward to 2012 at Puddle. With many many new developments its going to be a busy year. We hope you all have had a great Christmas break and a fun time seeing the new year in.

To kick things off we’ve launched a new site that should be a huge improvement on our last. Ask any agency and its their own website that never gets updated. Well we’re going to buck the trend and ensure our site is up to date and full of the information that you need to make an educated decision whether or not to pick up that phone. We’d love to hear your feedback as well, good and bad.

Speaking of kicking off let’s hope that Steve does actually get kicked off the plane in March when he attempts for the fourth time to Skydive for charity. It’ll have to be soon as he has something equally as daft lined up later in the year. Start looking into more insurance we think.

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