After searching far and wide, we now have a new project manager!

Meet Charlotte, the Sci-Fi loving project manager! Charlotte is a lovely out going person who enjoys photography, swimming and socialising with friends. Not to mention her slight obsession with The Weeknd having attended numerous concerts across the UK.

She also enjoys free climbing which she occasionally partakes in at her local climbing centre. Charlotte also has quite the unusual skill of glass work, creating all sorts of glass ornaments for friends and family as gifts. If you’re ever short of an unusual gift for a special occasion then maybe she can help.

Over the coming weeks you will most likely talk to Charlotte on the phone or see her at one of our meetings, so don’t be shy, get to know our new PM!

Want to create something special together? Contact us now to start your journey with Puddle!
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01535 636897

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