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Yorkshire Water Business Services are leaders in cost efficiency and customer service – and they work hard to keep it that way. A member of Yorkshire Water (Kelda Group), a company which manages and serves 130,000 business sites, Yorkshire Water Business Services provides businesses with clean water and effective waste management solutions.

As Yorkshire Water Business Services is a commercial arm of Yorkshire Water the challenge was to ensure it appealed to a business audience. Ensuring it talked about the right products and services and each of those were easily digestible on the site. It was also important to ensure from a look and feel perspective it was part of Yorkshire Water but also had its own presence.

We began the process with a workshop which included key members of staff from various areas of the businesses. With their input we sketched together a wireframe version of the site that we were all happy with.

Once approved the wireframes were then worked on in terms of visuals. As we were up against a tight deadline we opted to work on site with Yorkshire Water whilst producing visuals so we could re-iterate immediately, try things and come to agreement on the look and feel of the site. The site was then built in WordPress and is fully responsive to mobile devices, checked for speed and on-page SEO.

The site is yet to launch but we have begun to work with Yorkshire Water Business Services on Email Marketing, Social Media and SEO to further support them in their various marketing activities.

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