Halo 4 OST Artwork
The highly-anticipated ‘Halo 4’ is expected to sell very well when it is released on the 6th November, but did the team expect to scoop early success in the music charts.

The ‘Halo 4’ soundtrack has made history by debuting at number 50 on the US Billboard chart this week, which is the highest ever for a video game soundtrack.

Halo 4‘s soundtrack was produced by Neil Davidge, co-producer of electronic group Massive Attack, and was his first time working on a Halo game.

The soundtrack sold 9,000 copies in its first week, also debuting at number three on the Billboard Soundtracks chart and number nine on the independent albums chart.

Halo has always had success with its sales for the soundtrack, but none of which have come close to making a dint in the US billboard.

343 Industries and Microsoft will be hoping to see the actually game do even better and take the number one spot both here and in the US.

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