With our last blog based on what exactly Facebook live was we thought we would do a follow up on how exactly it can be successful.

Monitoring your reach and engagement is the key to your success. If you don’t know who your reaching out to and who exactly is interacting with you, you won’t know if you’ve improved from previous or what to work on.

Facebook has reported that their new live video feature ranks even higher than normal videos with their audience watching triple the amount of a live video compared for a normal video. Reason for this is that the video is live, in the moment, anything could happen situation which more enticing and what more people are starting to enjoy.

Looking at your Facebook stats is the start to your success story. If you use Facebook business you will be familiar with Facebook stats on posts you put out, well Facebook live is more less the same thing. Displaying views that are organic or paid, how long into the video your audience watched until, unique viewers, peak viewers etc. Allowing you to see your peak time of viewers and when your viewers drop, you can analyse where and what you did in the video that may have cause the increase or decease in viewers. Finding out exactly what it was can help you work towards more successful Facebook Live videos.

fb stats overview

Before you should be considering going live, you need to set out what what exactly your goal is from the video. Are you informing your audience about a new product, making a food video, Q&A video, an interview, they go on. Further to this you need to define what you want from the video. Do you want new customers, increased social awareness through likes and shares, leads to your website, newsletter signups and so on. Having a plan before hand means that just going live is less like jumping in at the deep end without arm bands.

Another way of increasing your reach is through Facebook ads which we previously spoke about. Using Facebook ads is a great way of getting your content out there directly to your audience at a low cost rate. Being able to boost your videos directly to the audience you need can significantly improve your social, simply through increasing awareness of your social profile.

fb ads reach

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