You may have seen over the past months more of these ‘Live’ videos going around on Facebook showing up from all sorts of pages. Facebook’s ‘New’ feature of being able to broadcast live to people across the world is quickly becoming a popular hit among Facebook users.

Having the freedom to stream from any device with Facebook, even drones, gives users that freedom to use it when they want, where they want and how they want. Facebook live is great for live streaming events that your users may want to watch but are unable to attend, such as an awards ceremony, an unveiling of a product or a business conference. The opportunities are endless and give users the chance to open up to a whole new audience.


Apps such as Periscope, one of the more well known live streaming apps has already implemented their idea into the mobile market however with the huge audience Facebook has, their live streaming function will be sure to bring the world to light about live streaming capabilities.

Live streaming is most popular around big brands, companies or celebrities as they usually have the biggest following however, more and more people are jumping on the band wagon to try open themselves to a bigger audience and work towards increasing their reach.

There’s no reason why smaller companies can’t create their own quirky live stream allowing their audience to react in real time with reactions, comments and shares. Having this feature allows users to instantly interact with their audience by responding to users comments. If you want to give your social media a more friendly personality, Facebook Live could be the way to go. Putting an actual face to an online profile could be the next big step to your social media success!

3 Ways to Use Live Video for Small Businesses

If you feel like livestreaming could be just what your business needs then check out Facebook’s tip’s and trick’s to making the most of Facebook Live for your business, you could become the next top live streamer!

Best Practices for Facebook Live

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