SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a key part of managing your website as it can dramatically increase traffic and improve your online presence. However, if you don’t use the correct techniques, your website will suffer by slipping down the page rankings causing fewer people to visit your site. So here are 2 lists of do’s and dont’s to help you with optimising your website for Search Engines.

Creating a Website

– Structure the website so that users can find their way around with ease.
– Get a design that is nice to look at and grabs the user’s attention.
– Check that all the areas of your website are looking and working as they should.
– Make sure your site loads quickly to stop users getting bored from waiting.
– Create a responsive website so people using mobile devices can use it with ease.

– Leave any blank pages, just delete them or put some relevant content in them.
– Leave out meta titles and descriptions as these are what could make the difference as to whether someone visits your site or not.
– Use flash animations as they will slow down your site and don’t look as smooth as the more modern javascript animations.


– Create plenty of informative and useful content, the more the better.
– Add good quality images to attract the user’s attention.
– Write content that is relevant to the page.
– Format the text so it’s easily readable, include things such as paragraphs, page headings and bolded text.
– Include keywords that you would like to come up for on search results.

– Have pages with just 2 lines of text as this is just wasting space.
– Stuff your pages full of keywords, try and spread keywords out to make the content look as natural as possible.
– Make any spelling mistakes, check your content for any grammar errors and spelling mistakes.

Here is an example of some bad content, see if you can read it out loud taking only 1 breath.

And here is an example of some good content written by our designer Kelsey.

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