In 2015 we’ve had some great digital trends which we expect to continue on into 2016. We’ve had the drone craze that surfaced, once a low down hobby, now a mainstream trend. Amazon are implementing them into their new delivery system, so it will be exciting to see it in place sometime in 2016 or possibly 2017.

We’ve also had the wearables explode with the new Apple Watch being one of the big contenders and Samsung’s “Gear” range. There are a huge amount of wearables now available, more or less doing the same thing, but with a different brand name. There are other wearables such as the Fitbit which is based around fitness as opposed to a wearable phone. Although wearable gadgets have been around for a while now, they are just starting to become the norm.



The new technology of paying with your phone in store came to light first with apple’s new Apple Pay. Using NFC technology you are now able to use you phone very much like your debit or credit card. Simply touch or scan your phone on the card reader, use your touch ID (fingerprint) and that’s it. Most stores have the NFC payment available which means if you’ve forgot your wallet, no worries… unless you’ve forgotten your phone as well.

apple pay

What can we look forward to in 2016?

Virtual reality is an up coming piece of technology. You may have heard about the Oculus Rift one of the more popular VR headsets. Virtual reality has started to show it’s face a lot more in 2015 and with the further developments into VR, 2016 is looking good for bringing the virtual world, into the real world.


Mobile dominance in the online sector is expected to continue increasing, after beating the amount of online traffic with desktop computers in 2015 for the first time ever. Mobile app usage is also set to increase meaning that mobile devices will predominantly become the most used technology for viewing the web.

app store

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Video ads are also set to dominate 2016. Overtaking every other form of ad, video ads have the most impact on consumers. A great example is the John Lewis advert that comes around every Christmas that pulls on everyones heart strings. If you want to see this years tearjerker you can do so below, but remember, it’s just an advert!

What else is to come in 2016? Well we’re not sure quite frankly it’s all a bit of a mystery. But whatever comes in 2016, we presume it will be the least expected!

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