Many times when we’ve spoken to manufacturing company’s in relation to digital marketing, we always get the same response, “We’re the leading manufacturing company in the industry”.

Well, that might just be true, but it shouldn’t stop you thinking about a Responsive website design, SEO or content marketing for your business. You could be the best within the manufacturing industry, with the best quality products and best prices, but chances are, you aren’t the only ones who make the same product. This means that even though you could have a strong brand and good word of mouth, your online presence could be lacking.

Because a manufacturing company works between B2B as to B2C, getting just 1 order could mean the difference between a fantastic month or a poor month. If someone searches for your type of industry, lets say a bathroom manufacturer, if a potential customers searches “bathroom manufacturers” their incentive is to click on the highest result which could be one of your many competitors. The customer may not know your strong brand, or that your leading within the industry, but they click the top link as Google rates them above you. Now SEO doesn’t sound as pointless as you thought, does it?


Being in the manufacturing industry you may think, “what sort of content can we put out to suit the manufacturing industry?” Well there are a few tips you can follow to start off your search engine optimised website. The first thing to do is to set up social media channels. Twitter and Facebook are the biggest well known social media channels to set up, but LinkedIn can also be a key player. Because manufactures sell B2B, LinkedIn is an ideal platform that allows businesses to find one another. Getting on social media can give you vital links to your website which is what Google likes to see, thus pushing you further up the search engine rankings.

Another tip and form of social media platform is YouTube. YouTube is a free video sharing website that allows anyone to upload videos to share on the internet. Being a manufacturing company, your product is your key selling point. A great way to show your audience what you do is to literally show them, record what goes on in the business, creating products for your customer, what exactly is the process, the creation, quality checks, finalising etc. You could also create videos showing the basics of creating a product, ‘How to…’ videos. Videos are becoming one of the main ways of sharing content online and will continue to grow making them one of the best ways of targeting a bigger audience.

The next thing to do is to start a blog on your website. Blogs are great for SEO. Having a blog allows you to create content packed with keywords which allows you to target sectors of the market that you want to infiltrate. Again referring back to the bathroom manufacturer, you could write a blog packed with keywords such as “shower manufacturer” “bath manufacturer” “tap manufacturer” etc. If you imagine being one of your customers, what would you search online that would get you to your business. Whatever it is, thats what you want to specify your keywords on. Anything that you specifically want to target, if you pack your blog with those tailored keywords, Google will recognise the keywords and rank you higher on the search engine.

Now it may seem easy and straight forward, but it’s not, it needs to be professionally set out with a marketing plan which includes key elements to creating a successful marketing campaign. Experts are what’s needed, which is where we come in. After working with huge manufacturers such as Snugpak and McAlpine we know how to pinpoint different areas of the industry and specifically target different sectors of the market. We can help you succeed within the manufacturing industry and help you become the leading supplier both online and offline.

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