No matter what sector you are in, digital marketing can enhance your business, increase market share and increase custom. Digital marketing is a very vague term as digital marketing covers many different aspects into the online world. You may be familiar with the different areas of digital marketing but just to make sure we will outline some of the few that would be beneficial to the legal industry.

One of the main areas to digital marketing is a responsive website design. A responsive website design means having a website that can work on all devices which would be computers, mobiles, tablets laptops etc. Having the website responsive gives search engines like Google the incentive to reward the website with the placement of rankings. If you make your website responsive you will most likely appear closer to that number 1 spot. Having the website responsive also means quicker loading times, helps towards SEO and also gives the users a better experience on your website. Making it a responsive website design is a must to succeeding in the search engine world, luckily for you we specialise in responsive website designs. You can find out more about exactly what we provide here.


Another area to digital marketing that you may know of is SEO. To go along side your responsive website design you also need search engine optimisation for your website. SEO helps gain the rankings and views of a website, also referred to “paid” or “organic” results. Paid views come from ads such as Google adwords. SEO could be anything from key wording, back links, writing blogs, tags, external in internal links and many more. There are many attributes that all help towards reaching the main goal of appearing at the top of a search engine results page, but it’s hard to cover them all by yourself. However fortunately for you we specialise in the SEO marketing. You can see how we can implement SEO into your website here.

One area that you may forget when it comes to digital marketing is social media. Social media can play a much bigger part than you think into creating successful digital marketing. When a company gets’s onto social media, it not only helps increase the brand awareness, it also creates vital backlinks to your website which again contributes to the SEO. Content that you post on social media can also help towards getting you further up the search engine. Posting keyword rich content will help Google recognise your website more for those keywords and phrases helping to get you to that number 1 spot. You may think that social media platforms are just for personal use or that they aren’t very professional to use. Well you would be surprised how many businesses are on different social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. Each one could be more beneficial than the other. Find out how we can help social media work for you here.


One of our clients in the legal sector is O’Garra’s. We currently manage O’Garra’s website, SEO and blog work. If you would like to see the work you can do so here.

Find out more about how we can support businesses in the legal sector with digital marketing here.

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