It’s that time of year where daylight becomes shorter and nights become longer. However, on a lighter note, tweets on Twitter are becoming longer. No more will you have to pick and poke at your tweets, trying to lose 2 more characters so you can send out your tweet with that vital image. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a ranting tweet with a funny GIF or meme?

Twitter has listened to their fans, acknowledged them and put their ideas into place. They removed the 140 character limit for direct messaging. Which sadly just meant more spam/sales messages popping up. There were also rumours about them lifting the 140 limit on tweets. However, there was an uproar. Too many people disliked the idea (including us), and thought that it would become too much like Facebook. Fortunately, they kept the 140 limit.

From many requests by the main audience of Twitter, they have decided to drop the added characters that usernames, media attachments and quoted tweets bring. The CEO, Jack Dorsey, is delighted with the upcoming change and is excited to see more dialogue on posts. With the new changes to come, a few have already been, such as the favourites changing to likes and the launch of moments to keep you up to date with all the trending posts.

Have a look at how tweets look now and what they will look like in the coming weeks.


There are talks of more features such as editing tweets after they have been posted and also further steps to reduce the amount of abuse and harassment that users receive. So keep an eye out in the next few months, we could have a fresh new Twitter to play with!

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