It’s been a very eventful few months settling into the role of Project Manager here at Puddle Digital, and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

My time here at Puddle has further progressed my passion of organisation and getting the job done! With all our clients, being time sensitive and organised is key to ensuring that the client is always happy with our service. In the past few weeks I have been present at a lot of networking events, such as Steve and Jon’s Beer Festival, Keighley Business Awards and The Skipton Business Network event. I have found that groups such as, Skipton Business Network is a great way of meeting new local businesses from all sectors on a more informal platform, each with the same goal – wanting new business opportunities!

My 5 top tips to new Project Managers.

1. Know your client
Here at Puddle we pride ourselves on knowing our clients on a professional and personal level. From this, strong business relationships are shaped, gaining greater insight into their business – understanding goals, vision and how they like to communicate.

2. Listening
The most effective tool you can bring to Project Management, or any job for that matter, are your ears! Use them! I go to meetings on a regular basis, usually alongside Steve our MD, my verbal input is very minimal – I take note of everything said. Taking notes of everything that is mentioned – whether it’s a discussion on a firm, existing plan or passing thoughts that someone could have missed. From doing something as simple as this, the results do speak for themselves. I have surprised numerous clients by refreshing their memory of a great idea mentioned in passing that would have been easily missed.

3. Communication and Engagement
At Puddle we use a Project Management System called ‘Teamwork’ and it is a great tool that we use internally and with clients to ensure nothing gets missed or lost.
Communication is very important to provide exceptional customer service which, here at Puddle, is our main priority!

Simple yet effective methods such as; when an email/teamwork message comes in – reply instantly. Replying with an acknowledgement is a very important thing, with a reply such as; ‘Thank you for this email, we will take a look and be in touch soon’, will let the client know you have received it – even if sometimes, like I and many others, don’t know the answer or time frame etc, an acknowledgement goes a long way, to let them know you will find an answer.

4. Constant updates
Whether it’s a lengthy or quick task – updates throughout and a message/email on completion, I personally have found to be extremely effective whilst working with clients.

5. Organisation and Time Management
As a Project Manager, your top skill should and will be, organisation. I personally work on a 50/50 split basis between paper and technology when referring to reminders, charts, meetings etc. I never underestimate the power of a post-it note! Whatever works best for you to keep on top of the game use it to its full potential, ultimately your role is to be the tip of the triangle among your team to know what, where and when with every project!

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