hue – Master Video from Philips Color Kinetics on Vimeo.

Apple and Philips join forces to give you the power of light, well the ability to change the colour of your light bulbs.

The product is called ‘Hue’, which Philips claims is the world’s smartest light bulb. Hue is a web-enabled LED home lighting system that uses a free mobile app for consumers to control and play with lights.

Home owners can change the mood of the lighting at a touch of a button on your iPhone. You can set the lights yourself or use one of the preset moods such as sunset, deep sea or beach. All moods for relaxation.

The starter kit costs an expensive $199, with additional bulbs costing $59 each. However, the bulbs last 15 years or 15,000 burning hours. They also consume one-fifth of the energy a standard bulb would use.

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