Disney Buys Lucasfilm in $4.05 Billion Deal

Disney has agreed a $4.05 billion deal to buy Lucasfilm and its subsidiaries, in a cash and stock transaction. Lucasfilm will now come under the Disney umbrella with other companies such as Marvel and Pixar. As part of the deal, Disney now owns the rights to the Star Wars franchise and to celebrate this fact, […]

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Change the colour of your light bulbs? There’s an app for that…

hue – Master Video from Philips Color Kinetics on Vimeo. Apple and Philips join forces to give you the power of light, well the ability to change the colour of your light bulbs. The product is called ‘Hue’, which Philips claims is the world’s smartest light bulb. Hue is a web-enabled LED home lighting system […]

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Google Goes Trekking

Internet giant Goggle has taken its street view off-road and onto the beautiful Grand Canyon National Park. In recent months, Google has been sending its cameras to all sorts of unique places such as NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and even under the sea. Now Google is allowing Street View users the chance to see the […]

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First Advert For The iPad Mini

Apple have wasting no time in creating an advert for the iPad Mini, launched yesterday. The ad was created by agency TBWAMedia Arts Lab and features no narration. The shot shows a larger iPad playing “Heart and Soul” on a piano app. The camera then zooms out to reveal a smaller iPad, playing along in […]

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iPad Mini?

Apple is expected to unveil details about the iPad Mini this afternoon, well that’s what we assume. The event will be held in San Jose, California. The invite came with the message: “We’ve got a little more to show you.” Along with the iPad mini, Apple are expected to talk about the latest updates for […]

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Microsoft’s Xbox Live No Longer Very Social

In its latest update to the Xbox Live service, Microsoft has kicked out the two big social networks, which it once used as a unique selling point a few years ago. In a new direction, Microsoft has replaced Facebook and Twitter with its new Internet Explorer 9 app. The update to the Xbox 360 interface […]

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