With UEFA Euro 2012 commencing in just a few days time, you don’t have that long to create a team to try and claim the ‘prestigious’ and inaugural Puddle Cup.

To host this great event, we have decided to use the official fantasy football service on UEFA.com, sponsored by McDonald’s.

The winner shall receive an official UEFA Euro 2012 football signed by the whole Puddle team.

To take part in this historical event, all you need to do is create an account on McDonald’s Fantasy Football on UEFA.com, click create and join leagues and enter the league code: 215927-70706

Setting up an account is very simple and straightforward, unlike deciding who to put into your UEFA Euro 2012 fantasy team.

We will be posting updates and news on The Puddle Cup throughout the tournament, so expect some competitive banter on both our Facebook and Twitter pages.

So who will make your team? Has Torres done enough? Are you in safe hands with Cech? We will soon find out.

Good luck and may the best team win!

*(Winner must be a UK resident)

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