A gamer has sparked a brawl resulting in a loss of over 470 million, but lucky for everyone involved that this was only in-game currency.

Players of ‘EVE Online’ could have been caught up in one of the biggest battles the game has ever seen over the weekend, involving over 3,000 players and resulting in over 222 ships being destroyed.

The game sees players join political factions of space fleet, which is actually more complex and sophisticated than it seems.

Due to one person, who actually has one of the most expensive ships in the game, accidentally hitting the wrong button, that a mass brawl was started as players from all factions rushed in to take the ship down.

Amassing the wealth it takes to have a ship like that is basically a full-time job in the world of EVE Online!

The ship can actually be traded for the game’s real-life subscription fees, meaning some players in the battle were risking and losing ships worth upwards of $1,000 in real money.

The battle has took the internet by storm and EVE has reportedly seen more sign ups then ever before after videos and photos were uploaded.

I guess the best publicity is by accident!

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