Social media was originally created for the purpose of individual’s to create profiles online and interact with one another. Each having different personalities online, enabling you to choose who you would interact with. Having a good personality is what will bring the interaction and engagement that you desire. You look at Coca-Cola, Nike, Mcdonalds and see how engaging their audience is. Now you might not be as big as those companies but there’s no reason as to why you can’t have engagement like theirs.

What do you want to be?

Starting off with your personality is having a vision. Ask yourself a few questions – what are your brand values, what do you want to be known for, which social media platforms would work best for you and what exactly is your market segmentation. Getting to know your brand, to begin with, can help you to implement it into your social media strategy. After looking at what your brand actually is, you can begin to filter it into your content, building up your personality.

who are you

Have a laugh

Humour is one of the most popular personalities. Everyone remembers the funny guy at the party and never the one who doesn’t speak keeping to themselves. You need to make your business the funny guy. Utilise funny pictures or memes or create your own in the office. Funny content is shareable¬†content, with shares comes engagement and engagement comes with success. If you see something that’s gone viral that you think would be funny to post, put it out. People will begin to get a feel of what your brand associates with contributing to your personality.

Orangutans Laughing

Posting regular content

We can’t stress how much regular content matters. However, when we say regular content we mean good regular content. Not the same old, buy our products, buy our products, oh and buy our products. Nobody wants to see that. Chances are when you see a post or ad that you’ve seen numerous times, you will just ignore it or eventually just block it. Come up with something new, be innovative. People like to see something they haven’t seen before, that’s how content goes viral. Back in January, you may have seen the Drummond Puddle live stream (yes it was silly as it sounds). It was a camera focused on a puddle that was live streamed on Periscope. It was so stupidly random that people wanted to see it. Of course, it went viral and more and more people wanted to get in on the action. It even got it’s own Twitter hashtag #DrummondPuddleWatch. Many people travelled all the way to Newcastle just to see the phenomenon that happens all over the UK, caused simply by the British weather.

drummond puddle

Asking questions

Many people underestimate asking questions but when used properly, they can make interaction and engagement figures shoot through the roof. If you are constantly drip feeding content out that’s the same old with no real involvement of your audience, why would they want to be there? What is it about your social media that makes them want to come back to your page. Get your audience to answer a simple question or give their opinion. It doesn’t have to be related to your business but it could be to do with what people are talking about. Put up a picture of Summer and Winter, ask “Which do you prefer, A or B”. Furthermore, the most popular choice could then be made into another post asking the audience “which of our products would come in handy here”. Now obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone but you can get the general gist.


Remember that kid from school who was the popular one that everyone loved and wanted to be? YOU can be them. Implement it into your business social profiles and hey presto, just like magic, you are on your way to success on social media!

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