Is your Twitter marketing working as well as you want? These few tips could help maximise your Twitter interaction and create more leads for your business!

1. Don’t always Tweet with links

When creating content to post out you may want to refer to an external site, maybe with more information or even referring to an article of some sort. Twitter posts without links have shown to perform better that posts with links. If you find that you get more engagement with posts without links, try reduce your link posts even more. This way when you do post with a link, your posts will have more value to your audience. Creating the trust between you and your audience is key, that way when you share links they will be more inclined to click on the link to see what you have shared.

2. Use correct hashtags (no hijacking)

When putting tweets out you can easily use hashtags to allow your audience to find your content, but each time you use a hashtag you need to ensure that it is relevant to the post. This is where hashtag hijacking comes in. Each day there are up to 10 hashtags trending around the world. Now if thats trending it means people are regularly looking for posts that include that hashtag. The hijacking of the hashtag is to include the trending hashtag into your content but it could have no relevance whatsoever with your post. By including the hashtag in your post you may get noticed easier, however hashtag hijacking is looked down on within the twitter community and could result in bad rep.

3. Add images with shared links

Another trick that can help engagement is to include an image alongside the link. When posting a link you aren’t given a preview of the link image unless you expand the actual posts, whereas if you post an image with the link, you will automatically see an image without having to open the post. Posts with links images are also shown to have more engagement and users tend to share your content more than without an image. link with imagesThe image above is of a tweet that we posted. It has the link reference and also a picture within the post. Having both means you get the external link sending users to another site giving them the opportunity to read more about what the tweet relates to and also, the image which initially draws attention to the post.

4. Tweet at optimal times

When posting out your content you want to put it out at the best time for your audience. There are various different apps that you can use that can show the peak time of Twitter use for your audience. You can use Twitter analytics to find out the best days that suit your audience. If you look below you can see that Monday and Wednesday are our peak days for the most impressions and engagements. twitter analytics peak times

If you want to see a more in depth analysis of your tweets and look at the best times of day to post, you can use other apps such as ManageFlitter. This app allows you to see the exact times that your audience is most active on that day. This gives you the best opportunity to reach out and engage with your audience.

5. Use lists

Another feature that is underused on Twitter, is Twitter lists. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. You can add a bunch of users to a list and give the group a name such as “clients”. You can add or remove users anytime you want and it gives you instant access to all the content from users in that list. You can also change the privacy of the list, making them public for everyone to see or just private for your own use. Having all the users in one place saves you loads of time, not having to look through your feed, you can instantly engage with their posts much more efficiently.

6. Refresh popular tweets

One idea that many people may not think of is refreshing popular tweets. Over a period of time you will be able to see which type of tweets perform better than others. You may have posted a photo of a day out, a video at the office or a link to a song. Now were not saying to just copy and paste your tweets over and over, but what you can do every now and again is recycle old successful tweets, refresh them and post them out. For example if you post a photo at the office with some of the staff taking part in a meeting which was a popular post, do something similar, take a picture of what’s going on in the office, are there decorations up for christmas, is everyone wearing their Christmas jumpers, how about a Christmas food spread? Putting content like this out creates a more likely chance of engagement between your audience yourselves.

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