Write interesting content that your audience will want to share
Content that you create can determine how well you perform online. To begin with you need to find a topic that you know your audience appeals to. In our case we are a digital marketing agency which specialises in SEO, thus writing articles about SEO is ideal. If you audience enjoys the content the chances of them sharing the content is higher, which means more shares contributes to great SEO.

Write about original content
When you come up with new content for your website it needs to be new, fresh ideas that people won’t have seen. It could be putting out content that your business has achieved or created, a new project you are working on or a goal you may have achieved. Your audience loves new content, finding out about the business keeps them intrigued to stay active on the businesses social and website. Again it all leads down to sharing the website to contribute the the SEO.

Create good keywords and keyword phrases
Keywords and keyword phrases are what, inevitably determine where you appear on a search engine. Without keywords search engines such as Google don’t know what you specify in and thus are unable to place you in a reasonable place on the search engine. When key wording your website you want to begin with writing down at least 10 keywords that you want to appear for. For us, we want to market for “digital marketing Leeds” keywords. This is classed as a keyword phrase but they matter just as much as individual words. After packing your website with keywords and keyword phrases you will start to see progress of your website appearing further up the search engine page.

Take into account the density of keywords throughout the website
When filling out your website content you need to ensure that it is packed with keywords and phrases that relate to your business and what you specifically want to market for. However sometimes people can overdo the density of keywords and almost make their website worse off than it previously was. You need to make sure that while adding keywords and phrases, that all your content still makes sense. When Google analyses your website and they see that you have almost spammed keywords all over your site, they may be more inclined to penalise your website as appose to reward.

Use a keyword in your domain name or URL
Having a keyword in your business name can help massively. The name of the business will most likely be on every page, in the domain name and in each URL. Your website will be key worded simply from having your business name on each page. Search engines take into account the words that are used in the url because they are usually the few keywords that best describes the page.

Share reliable content through hyperlinking keywords
Sharing content to other websites is advised but only if it is executed in the proper way. If you create many backlinks to other websites that don’t have much relation to your website, Google won’t recognise your website as a good source for information and as result won’t place you as high up the search engine. The way to get round this is to specifically select strong links to include into your content that have key links to what you are putting out. Google will see that you have considered what you put into your content  instead of just putting any links into your site.

Ensure all links work and aren’t broken
After choosing the links that you put into your website you need to ensure that they go to the correct places and that they work as they should. Broken links are your worst enemy and don’t help you in the slightest. Not only do you have to ensure external links work but you also need to make sure internal links are working. If you have many links on your site which don’t go anywhere or just go to 404 pages, Google will see that your website is not optimised how it should be and as a result, will penalise you and push you down the list of websites.

Don’t let your website fall into the trap of invisible text
When putting out content you may feel like it’s not working as well as you expected. But that’s okay, SEO doesn’t happen overnight. However you may be inclined to use a method known as invisible text or false text. This is a method where you would fill each website page with tonnes of keywords relating to the business but all out of context, not making any sense. The text would then be changed into the background colour of the page that it is on and as a result become invisible text. The theory is that even though you are unable to see it, Google still picks this up and analyses it giving you an SEO ranking near to the top of their search engine simply because your website is packed with keywords. No effort put in, nobody can see the unprofessional spam of keywords, top of Google’s search engine, great! Right? Wrong. This method is now classed as black hat SEO, which basically means websites that use aggressive methods of SEO and typically don’t follow the set guidelines that search engines have created. Google can now detect this incredibly exploited method and will reward you simply by dropping you down 100 spots on their search engine.

So now you know 8 great and easy tips into making your website search engine optimised, you can put them into your own work and see the effects right in front of your eyes! But remember, this won’t happen over night, keep at it and you will see great results, just don’t turn to the dark side!

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