When starting out the new year its best to have some sort of vision of how your year will plan out. Social media marketing plans are great to have as a guide to refer to throughout the year. They allow you to map out all the different events, different areas of the market you want to penetrate each month, milestones within the business, different goals etc. It allows you to have a strategic guide to follow ensuring that you don’t miss any vital areas that would be great for your business to be involved in. In these 5 steps, we will turn your average plain jane marketing plan, into your key source of leadership.

Audit your current social situation

The first step to creating a great marketing plan is to see where you are. Are you in a good marketing state, is a new refreshed marketing plan essential for the the success of your business? Look at your present, before you plan your future. A few areas to look at for social media are…

  • Which social networks are you regularly active on?
  • Which networks do you want to focus on the most?
  • Which network is most valued at your business?
  • How successful is your social media compared to your competitors?

Who is your ideal customer?

Getting to know who your most ideal customer is should be on any list to do with marketing. If you don’t know who your audience is, then you will struggle to market your business to your ideal customers. The basic areas to know about your ideal customer is…

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Most active social media platform

There are other main areas to know for your ideal customer, however these 5 points are key to know how to get closer to your customers. Without them, you would be lost in the marketing world, not knowing who to target or how to properly infiltrate them.

Identify key metrics to measure success

Measuring your performance is the key point to measuring success. If you have nothing to measure then you won’t know if you were successful or not. It’s fine measuring your Twitter followers or Facebook likes, but this doesn’t show if you’re actually making money. The key areas to consider to measure success are…

  • Time spent on website
  • Conversion / lead rate
  • Reach / Organic Impressions
  • Brand mentions
  • Post engagements

Having these metrics allows you to see what is successful within your marketing strategy and what isn’t. If different areas are lacking, try come up with new angles to get into the market and target your customers.

Creating engaging quality content

Creating content that engages is one of the key areas to a successful marketing strategy. If your audience isn’t inclined to view or share your content, why are you posting it? After looking at your ideal audience you need to find out which is the best form of content that would be the best to engage with. Different types of content that you can create would be…

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Newsletters
  • eBooks
  • Articles

Finding out the best form of content for your audience will give you the best chance of engagement. If they like that form of content, they will be more likely to share, comment and like thus increasing your market reach and engagement.

Invest in quality social media tools

Using your social platforms directly are fine to use but when it comes down to it, if you’re serious about making an impact on social media, you need to use a social media tool. There are many out there that are great to use which will make your life a whole lot easier. There are several free and paid tools that will make you become a social media guru. Tweetdeck is a great free app to use for Twitter. It allows you to look at many different channels such as mentions, tweets, scheduled tweets, your dashboard feed etc. It would be a great tool to use if you are just starting off as the other social media tools have a very similar concept. However if your integrating more social media platforms into your business then this one is maybe not for you as it is just for Twitter.

Hootsuite or Sprout Social would be the social media tools that we would recommend. They both allow you to manage many social media channels all in one place. Giving you the power to post content on a range of platforms with just the click of a button. Hootsuite has a free version which gives you limited access but is still usable. Sprout Social however does not have a free version but you are able to sign up to a free month trial. Sprout provides a lot more in-depth analysis of how your social media platforms are performing. If you are serious about social media and want to become a social media master, we do recommend using Sprout Social to get the most out of your marketing on social media.

If your not confident with running your own social media marketing then we can help. Contact us to find out more about how social media can benefit your business today!

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