It’s very important to create the right logo for your business. It’s more than just creating a logo that meets the goals set in a design brief, but your logo should also be enduring, distinctive, memorable, adaptable, simple, and relevant. Most importantly it needs to be unique and not be confused with any other logo.

KISS (keep it simple, stupid)
An example of a complex logo that doesn’t scale very well.

Overcomplicating your logo design will make scaling and printing the logo tricky. When scaling the logo some important elements may be lost and this could look like a smudge or a mistake. A simple logo can also help when applying the logo across a wide range of media, such as billboards, pin badges, or even your website favicon. It can also make your design more memorable. If you think of some large corporations like Nike, McDonnell’s, Twitter and so on. Their logos are memorable because they are so simple.

If you don’t want to confuse your client then keep this principle in mind, so keep it simple, stupid.

Make it relevant


These logos don’t show exactly what they do but they are still relevant.

A logo needs to be relevant to that business, but the logo doesn’t have to show exactly what the company does. Restaurant logos don’t need to show food, furniture companies don’t need furniture in their logo. If we look at the Volkswagen logo and the Dove logo they are both well-known brands, yet they don’t show exactly what they do.But the images, typeface etc needs to be relevant. If you are designing for a bank, don’t go with a funky text,keep it clean. How about a play school, keep it fun and colourful, not serious.

Your logo needs to be relevant to the industry, the audience and the client. This requires lots of in-depth research. Without getting the right information about the company, audience and client, your logo will not be successful.

Stay away from logo design trends


Examples of logos with an Ombre effect.

We all see loads of logo design trends and they all come and go, but designers keep using them. You want your design to be unique to the company you’re designing for, so avoid using the latest tricks and gimmicks and waste time on designing a logo which will very soon become outdated.

When designing a logo for a business you want the logo to last as long as the business is going. A well-designed logo should be timeless. The logo might get refined a few times but the underlying idea should be intact. It’s a good idea to incorporate things that are associated with the business you are designing a logo for. For example, if the business first opened up on a mountain or is situated in a place with a famous landmark (this could work for a college/university) you could incorporate that into your logo design.

So there are 3 simple elements to keep in mind when designing a logo. If you want to read more ways of creating a strong logo design watch out for my next blog post where I will give 3 more ways to create a strong logo design.

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