Some of you may know about Steve’s 12×12 challenge to climb 12 mountains over the year with his friends to raise money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity. So far Steve and his friends have climbed 10 mountains which you can see below.

The Yorkshire Air ambulance is a great charity to give to. Relying on donations, the Yorkshire Air Ambulance runs throughout the year and so far in its service has saved 6408 patients.

Costing £12,000 per day which totals to £4.4 million a year. Yes, we did say million. People across the nation run different events in aid of the air ambulance and those like Steve who are giving, are supporting the fantastic service that they provide.

So far the team have raised a total of £630.00 with only 2 months left we want to get that number as high as possible. Even as little as £1 donation, it all adds up and is very much appreciated to this cause.

Here’s a few pics of mountains they have previously climbed!

Jan 12x12
feb 12x12
mar 12x12
apr 12x12
may 12x12
sharp edge

oct 12x12
With just Esk Pike in November and a Wildcard Entry in December left, theres still plenty of time to donate so get your wallets out and start donating to this great cause!

For more information on the Yorkshire Air Ambulance visit
For more information on the 12×12 challenge get regular updates on their 12×12 Facebook or 12×12 donation page.

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